This website is dedicated to all Sovereign States’ Citizens to use to communicate with their elected officials regarding the History and Purpose of the Sixteenth Amendment. The misunderstanding of that amendment has caused more damage to our Country than any other single happening that I know of.  The effects of that misunderstanding have caused our member States in the Union to become subject to the federal government in ways that the Constitution of the United States of America never intended to happen.

On this site you will find documented evidence from sources, that without doubt, cannot be questioned regarding accuracy.  It is our hope that, once you have studied the information herein, you invite your State Representatives and Senators to this site and hold them accountable for their actions once they have been enlightened with the History and Purpose of the Sixteenth Amendment.

This Site is user friendly for viewing by all representatives in State governments.  If we can get them here and expose them to the truth regarding the History and Purpose of the Sixteenth Amendment and that the unconstitutional taxing of State citizens earnings is taking revenue out of the State Treasuries indirectly our States would be compelled to correct the misunderstanding of the Sixteenth Amendment and put billions of dollars back into the pockets of their constituents.

We will show you our sources for the information we offer on this site with a brief history of each and is found in our Offering of Information VIII.  This will build a foundation upon which we build our presentment of information for our government Representatives and Senators.  Our intention  is to bring them face to face with the truth about the history and purpose of the Sixteenth Amendment and why it is their responsibility to see that that understanding is corrected ASAP!!!!

Please be advised that nothing on this website is in any way intended to be taken as any type of revolt or attack against our national government.  All information is intended to be for the education of our States representatives in government.

Our plan is simple.                                                                                                                    Educate and vote.

Be blessed.

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