The United States of America – What Is It?

Just for the record. Our political system is not one big Republic!

Our political system of governing is made up of 50 State governments that have been guaranteed, by the Constitution for the United States of America, to be republican forms of government.

A republican form of government is one that is set up by the people who have representatives elected to work for the people to protect the lives, the liberty and the property of the people.  It has a constitution that set the guidelines of functioning of that government. It has a CEO that we call the Governor that oversees the operation of the various departments and agencies that are required for that governing.

A democratic form of government is a government that is run by the people themselves where the majority rules and the minority looses. Historically, democracies do not work because the “mob is blind” and majorities do not always make the right decisions.

Our political system has one “general” (federal) government set up by the States, with the consent of the people, for the protection of the people from forces outside the territorial limits of the several States. It has specific enumerated powers that have been granted to it by the Constitution. Outside of those specific enumerated powers, the federal government does not exist. According to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the House of Representatives are supposed to be elected by popular vote as they are today. The Senators are supposed to be elected by the legislatures of the Several State governments which is not how it is done today. The President and Vice President are supposed to be elected by “electors” that have been chosen by the legislatures of the Several States which is not how that is done today either.

The method of choosing the Senators and the President were changed because of the negative effects of the political parties that have taken control our government.

The general/federal government is neither a republican nor is it a democratic form of government. It is a tool that is to be used for specific purposes by the States in the Union. Its function is to insure that the States have a republican form of government and the people have the ability to exercise their right to life, liberty and the pursuite of happiness without fear of being harrassed by foreign powers.

The President is not the president of the member States in the union or of their citizens. He is President of the entity that was set up by the States with the consent of their citizens. The name of that entity is “The United States of America”.

If you have questions let me know. If not, who are you going to tell what I have shown to you?

Be Blessed

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