In the Mail November 7, 2017

Dear Governors and Legislators,

Please accept this as your official invitation from your constituents to visit our website at and review the information presented therein. We will be watching for your comments on each presentment of information posted.

The purpose of this site is to:

  1. To remind you, our representatives in government, of a Joint Resolution of the U. S. House of Representatives and the U. S. Senate, Joint Resolution, Public Law 91-589, 84 Stat. 1585, 2 U.S.C. SS 168, Authorizing the Analysis and Interpretation of U.S. Supreme Court cases construing the provisions of the Constitution for the United States of America by the Congressional Research Service.
  2. To share with you the “History and Purpose of the Sixteenth Amendment” as per the Analysis and Interpretation of cases construing the Sixteenth Amendment by the Congressional Research Service.
  3. To prove up the fact that the Federal ‘Income Tax” is an excise tax on the privilege of doing business in corporate form and that the amount of the tax is based on the amount of increase received from that corporate activity regardless of the source of the “Income” and therefore does not extend to the taxing of the earnings of your constituents.
  4. To prove up the fact that by unconstitutionally taxing the earnings of your constituents, the US Congress is indirectly taking revenue from your State treasury. The lost revenue causes our States to depend on the national legislature just to pay the expenses of operating our State governments and thereby places the responsibility of correcting this long standing misuse of the Sixteenth Amendment on you, our legislators and Governors.
  5. To request that you, in concert with the rest of our legislators and those governors and legislators of the other member States in the Union, put an end to the unlawful taxation of our earnings for the benefit of our States’ treasuries.

We have presented information proving up the fact that the Federal “Income Tax” is not applicable to the earnings of your constituents but is a tax on the increase received from the doing of business in corporate form only without respect to the source of the increase (income).

If you find our presentments of information to be correct we will expect you to contact us thru the website on the “Sixteenth Amendment Affirmative Action Plan” regarding what plan of action you intend to initiate in order to put an end to the unconstitutional taxing of our earnings.

If you find what you think to be in error in any of the offerings we will expect to see your rebuttal to that error in the post.

We will be watching for your response and do expect affirmative action on our behalf!

Be Blessed,

Jim Ingram